Yin Yang

The art of letting something in, goes hand and hand with the art of letting go. To open up, invite, and expect new experiences and opportunities you must close the doors of the old ones as well. The Yin Yang, a symbol of balance, of one factor, and it’s opposite, is also very symbolic of choice and perspective, as there are two opposing extremes, fear and love, humility and arrogance, gratitude and entitlement, victim and victor, to each is only a perspective, for one presents the capacity for another, your choice on which side of each pendulum you choose to fall, love can be eliminated, stunted, or rejected by fear, and fear can be eliminated, stunted, or rejected by love. One side is an antidote to the other, good and evil, pain and joy, darkness is only an absence of light. So therefore, to release darkness and allow for light, to live for love instead of survive out of fear, you let go of control, and invite freedom, and in that you can let go of the past and rejoice and manifest in the present, and simply trust put trust in the universe for the future.

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