Creation or Destruction

We have the power to create and destroy. Love is creation, fear is destruction. A fear based mentality is the source of ego, hatred, resentment, envy, low self esteem, insecurity, jealousy, deceit, materialism, emptiness. Fear will destroy your relationships. Fear will destroy your ability to go after your dreams. Fear will destroy your ability to trust another person. Fear will distract you from what brings fulfillment and have you focusing on money, drugs, status, etc. Fear will have you living scared of failure. Fear will have you trapped in trauma, living with a brand new life, and not appreciating it because you’re so AFRAID your past will repeat itself. Fear will have you comparing yourself to others and never measuring up in your own heart and mind. Fear will have you criticizing yourself, piling mountains of shame for your past mistakes, and setting standards too high for anyone to reach. Fear IS destruction. Love will fill you with inspiration, joy, gratitude, empathy, compassion, wholeness, humility, trust, etc. Love is growth. Love is art. Love is having faith that everything is going to work out just as it’s meant to. Love is sitting contently in a moment, appreciating all that it comes with. Love is seeing heartbreak as love. Love is forgiveness through compassion, empathizing with those who hurt you and wishing them the best. Love is gratitude for the little things, satisfaction without the need for more or better. Love is helping someone in a dark place. Love is sharing your light. Love is going after your dream, and knowing you can do it. Love is teaching your children, and treating them better than you were treated. Love is listening and understanding someone else, giving them a place where their feelings matter. Love is giving without expectation. Love is not having to be better than anyone else, but viewing us all as equals. Love is creation. Love is peace. Love is joy. Love is all that we all want and need, and fear is what drags us away. Today and every day, if we set the intention of love, and consciously choose it all throghout the day, not only would we be happier, but maybe we could spread a bit of that light to someone else who needed it.

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