The Value of Pain

This is what persevering through pain has provided; The mentality of gratitude, humility, strength, joy in the simple things, living passionately, wisdom…. It’s been an exploratory journey, which led to awakening, it shed light on the difference between band-aids and genuine healing, it brought compassion, and the ability to truly be able to help others with so many different circumstances, it brought appreciation for trial and every emotion and their purposes, it shed light on what real unconditional love is, it showed that we are capable of hard things, it made it clear that everything is meant and that even when it feels as though things won’t be okay, we can have the comfort in knowing it will be eventually, it opened my eyes to the unseen, it helped me appreciate freedom, it made material items less important, it made uncomfortable environments more tolerable, it helped me love everyone, and judge less, it made peace so much more enjoyable, it created highs from life because I had experienced such lows, it made me recognize how blessed I truly am, it helped me be more generous with what I have, it helped me have faith that I will always have what I need, it made me stop taking the ones who care for me for granted, It helped me see the ones who didn’t actually care for me, it taught me self awareness, it taught that we create our own realities, it taught the power of our own minds, beliefs, thoughts, perceptions, and feelings, it made me work on mastering my mind, and being intentional, it made me a better listener and observer, it made me care deeper for others and their well being, It incited creativity and inspiration, it taught me that all we have is now, and all we need is now, it taught me that everything that is a label or opinion is simply a perception, it brought the value of forgiveness, it taught the deception of the ego.

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