Daily Inspiration

Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com

This morning I listened to this beautiful talk by a woman named Tomomi Becot about living in the present. She explained how every single moment in our lives is beautiful and valuable because it will be over in a flash. This deeply resonated with me because it is common to have a dialogue of what you should, could, or would be doing IF something was different within your circumstances, and how much joy and gratitude that robs you of right now. All day today I simply observed and embraced each moment with gratitude. When a thought came up that was fear based or negative, I literally told myself that I did not want to focus my energy there, and proceeded to embrace right now with gratitude. This changed my entire perspective. When I was trying to take a shower and my three year old son was blowing cold air from the hair dryer on my body, thoroughly enjoying it, as I froze, instead of thinking about how nice it WOULD be to be able to take a shower in peace, I connected to the love and gratitude I have for my little boy and watched his cute little face light up with joy. This changed my entire perspective in that moment from annoyance, to humility and complete and utter gratitude for everything in that moment from my son to the fact that I had soap to wash my body with. Your life can transform just from shifting where you allow your focus and attention to be. Don’t allow whatever you view you lack to rule your life, or you will live in lack, whether it be mentally or physically, focus on your own abundance and you will be abundant.

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