Soul Vs. Ego

We have the ego, which is how you would describe yourself, the identity you have created based on your perceptions. We then have the soul, which is pure consciousness, it is love based, and cannot be described, it simply is. The ego is what drives you towards greed, selfishness, lust, deception, manipulation, your care for how you are perceived, etc. A lot of what the ego desires is what the world portrays as “living your best life.” This is why you see celebrities who are perceived to have it all, die of a drug overdose. It is tragic. They had every ounce of fuel for their ego, attention, money, sex, drugs, success, admiration, but it wasn’t enough, and that is because the ego never feels full, there is no joy within the ego, only temporary bouts of happiness and instant gratification. There is often a feeling of emptiness when you are living based on ego, because ego is fear based. Why does one want admiration? Because they don’t feel good enough within themselves and outside validation is the only way to improve their thoughts about themselves. Why does one choose manipulation and deception? Because they are afraid of simply telling the truth. Why is one greedy? Because they have an emptiness inside of them they are constantly trying to fill, or they are afraid they will have to go without. Ego consists of a whole lot of inner conflicts they are trying to solve, that can only be resolved with peace, love, trust, gratitude, and joy, fear gets in the way, insecurity distracts. Soul, (which ironically is my sons name,) is the only resolutions and paths to enlightenment. Your soul will cleanse you, each and every fear, source of pain, and insecurity can and will be resolved by diving into your soul. An extremely good tactic for encountering the soul is to re frame your thoughts and actions into love. For example, if you are tempted to seek validation to feel better about yourself, remind yourself that you are only a consciousness that has formulated beliefs, therefor you are no better or worse than anyone else, and your pure consciousness deserves nothing but love. Doing this continuously about your thoughts, intentions, actions, etc, will bring you much closer to your soul instead of your ego.


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