Emotions Are Neither Good or Bad

Alright, let’s get rid of the labels we have been taught for a moment. Let’s talk about emotions. What if we stopped labelling emotions as good or bad? Instead we simply observed them. Each and every emotion has a cause and a purpose. For example:
• Pain, sadness, despair: This is a HUGE culprit for growth. Sometimes the source of this pain may be love, or a lack there of, whichever it is, the growth can come, but only from accepting and observing the waves.
• Anger: You have gotten some sort of indicator within that you have been violated in some way and need to take action. The action may be standing up for yourself, getting out of a situation, setting boundaries, or the action may be taking a look at yourself and assessing whether the pain is coming from your ego, maybe an insecurity, maybe an old wound, maybe a fragile self esteem, maybe you feel vulnerable. All of which will propel you to solve a problem for yourself.
• Fear, anxiety, panic: Your body and mind are telling you that you are not safe. This is such an important emotion! It indicates that either there is something you need to get out of, there is a threat or danger you need to protect yourself from. This can also indicate trauma, areas in which you need healing, ways you can love yourself better.
• Joy, peace, love, hope, gratitude: This is your body and mind in a state of homeostasis, wholeness, bliss. This is indication that you are in congruence in all you need to be, this is your body and mind telling you that all is well, this is a repreve.

When dealing with difficult emotions, accept what is happening and what you are feeling with love and compassion for yourself and the knowledge that it is temporary. Within, ask what the source of the emotion is.
Is this emotion deriving from fear or love?
Is there something my mind, body, or spirit is trying to bring attention to?
Is this emotion from the past, future, or present?
What is my consciousness trying to tell me or help me see?
What is the growth that could come out of this?
Is there an action that needs to take place that I have been avoiding or not wanted to take?

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