Love Without Contol

The only love worth fighting for is the love that makes you lose control. There is a love, beyond the self serving, give and take, 50 – 50, model of relationship we have been taught. There is a love that can make you lose your grip on reality, break your boundaries, escape the pathways and fences you have set up to live and feel safe within. A selfess love that forgets about risk, forgets about potential pain, forgets about what’s in it for yourself, and simply loves. That love will move mountains, save lives, conquer all. Imagine a time, maybe involving your children or your spouse, and they are in imminent danger and you step in to do whatever you can to protect them, there was no second thought, no conern for yourself, it was by instinct, that’s the type of love I am talking about. It is instinctual, it cannot go away, it does not waiver, it doesn’t even really think, it simply loves.

This may be contradictory to what psychologists encourage or even what feels safe within your own mind and heart, but love is the opposite of fear, and to live and to love separate from fear, you will find a peace and joy that also does not waiver, even in your tears. The more you let go of control, you embrace freedom, and that is how you rise above matter and circumstances. So, love fully, love selflessly, let your instincts take over, and lose control, whichever way it goes, whether it results in tragedy or a happily ever after, it will be beautiful and worth whatever outcome.

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  1. You open with

    “Yhe only love worth fighting for is the love that makes you lose control. ”

    Which I immediately ascribed had to be that love associated to the pleasures of the flesh, which is self seeking and instantly gratifying..

    But the more I read, I realized you were speaking about the agape love of Christ which has nothing to do with physical touch.

    The only thing is, and forgive me for pointing this out..i am not correcting you simply sharing my thoughts-

    Agape love doesnt make us lose control,it snaps us awake.. As your piece did in fact resonate. At the precise moments we fear, or catastrophe strike, it is that instinctual agape love that takes over and banishes fear and IMMEDIATELY HELPS OUR FELLOW MAN, OR CREATION. WE IMMEDIATELY LAY IT ALL ON THE LINE- JUST LIKE CHRIST JESUS DID FOR US.

    That love doesnt make us lose control- it makes us gain control. And right when we need it the most.


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