Victor Vs. Victim

It seems we have gotten incredibly good and taking a victim stance to the world and our lives. It works, maybe it even serves us, in a lot of circumstances. If you are a victim then what accountability is there to take? If you are a victim then what changes should you make? What areas do YOU need to grow and improve? This is showing itself in a lot of arenas, especially when it comes to public matters. Are there victims in this world? Yes absolutely, we have all been a victim to something or someone in some way. This is beside the point. Perspective is reality. Perceiving yourself as a victim will further perpetuate you being a victim. If you are continuously focused on how you have been victimized, you will continue to be victimized, you will continue to feel, think, and act victimized. This is not to say it is wrong to speak up about your trials or struggles, all this really means is to take back your own authority in your life. The only thing we have real control over is ourselves, our thoughts, our energetic field, our perspective, our reality. So yes, acknowledge your pain, be aware of how others may mistreat you, understand your opposition, but don’t live there, unless it’s sincerely the only place you would like to stay. If we can treat many issues this way, if we can focus on solutions instead of problems, love instead of fear, then we all can rise above our circumstances. I have a friend who is currently in prison and he said to me that the time he has to spend there can be a blessing or a curse because freedom is in your mind. This is something we should all take in, what bars, fences, and barriers have we created for ourselves? And do we wish to live within them forever? How does the idea of freedom sound?

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