What is Self Love?

Self love is not about thinking you’re the shit. I suffered from anorexia for thirteen years and so of course I have learned all about the importance of self love. If you look into it, it’s all about selfies and “knowing your worth.” This is not self love, because it is still about finding a way to see your worth, building yourself up to think you deserve better. Self love is about unconditionally loving and accepting yourself simply because you are human and every human deserves love. There are no conditions, you love because it just is, you just are. It is not about taking cute selfies. It is not about thinking you deserve better for some reason. In reality, you don’t deserve anything, we don’t do or be to deserve goodness. We are and we deserve goodness. You can look into all the body positivity and self love blogs and you will find a whole lot of affirmations about telling yourself you are beautiful, and how you should cut people out of your life if they don’t see your worth, but now you are building an ego, anytime you are putting a judment on yourself you are building your ego, whether that judgment be good or bad, and ego is not love. So self love is removing your labels, you are not good enough, and you are not bad, you are, you are not pretty or ugly, you are, you are seeing your soul, your consciousness. With this definition and recognition, we come into a place of unity with all others, we form self compassion and a deeper compassion for others, we become more spiritual than physical, and we begin to treat ourselves and others with more love, we become better people, and not so we CAN love ourselves, but because we DO love ourselves and our values and perspectives have shifted.

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