Opinion About Popular Topics

There have been many issues brought to the public eye about equal rights and destigmatization of mental health conditions in the past several years. This is great. Equal rights are essential and all people deserve love and fair treatment no matter their gender, race, sexual orientation, etc. Destigmatization is also absolutely essential, nobody should feel ashamed about a struggle. My opposition to this is, for one, we are creating major separation between people. Some of the ones who are on the front line of an equal right movement now hate the ones who aren’t, instead of having empathy and compassion for their limited hearts. The destigmatization of mental health has now created pride and ego surrounding a diagnoses that one may carry, instead of people wanting to heal, we have a society taking more prescription medication than ever before, and that hasn’t decreased the use of other drug use, or crime, or even suicide, but we aren’t considering this. Love is the law and the answer as well. We are consciousness in bodies. Consciousness. Our only differences, true differences, are the way we perceive the world and ourselves. This is unity, this is healing, this is wholeness, this is anything being possible, this is perception as reality, this is growth. Some of the extents of these movements seem to start well and turn into a distraction, aspects turn into blinders of our own capacity and the coming together of all of us. Imagine a world where we are saw each other as consciousness.. We would see mental health issues as spiritual, emotional, and nutritional definciencies that we could heal from. We would see everyone with eyes of love and compassion knowing that somewhere along their lives they learned the hatred they carry by a perception of fear, and with that, maybe we could really help EVERYONE. We can all be whole, we can all be love.

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