Today I decided I want to be a doctor, a naturopathic doctor to be specific. It is what I have wanted to do for several years now but I ruled it out for myself because of my circumstances. I had the belief system that since I have a son, don’t come from a wealthy family that can pay for my college, and am currently pregnant with a baby girl due in April, that being a doctor was merely a fantasy, but not in my cards. But why not? Why can’t it be in my cards? So today I changed my perspective. There is no reason why I shoudn’t be a doctor. The more I focus on it, the more I align myself with that reality, the more possible it becomes, actually, that is the ONLY way to make it possible. Change your perspective, change your reality, CHOOSE your perspective CHOOSE your reality. So I am aligning this dream, I am aligning this future, my future, with my higher power, for the greatest good. I am thanking the universe/god/etc in advanced for this reality, thanking them for giving me this thought, thanking them for blessing me with this belief, thanking them for reigniting my hope and passion, thanking them for making it all possible, thanking them for guiding me, thanking them for making life this way, thanking them for my life and my ability to choose. So here I am, a naturopathic doctor in the making, starting school in the fall, about four months after my baby is born, trusting that everything is going to align, connect, and fall into place as it should, and I will move with faith, love, joy, and trust through the journey. I KNOW this is it, and truly trust the unknown, not only trust it, but am excited for it.

Please ask yourself what you all have ruled out of your equation because you believe it’s not possible. Ask yourself why it’s not possible. If someone else has done it, why can’t you? Circumstances are simply a product of energy, and energy can be changed, but it starts with belief, and the rest of the steps will become clear as you go, they will becomes clear as you become clearer, and less held back by limiting beliefs based on your past experiences and current circumstances. Everything changes. Be the intentional change, don’t simply stand by and try to cope with the changes.

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