No Fear

We are spirits, energy, consciousness, or whatever you want to call it, before, after, and while we are bodies. Our bodies are merely temporary aspects of our journeys, as part of our awakening process. With this, there is no reason for fear. There is no reason not to simply trust your higher power, trust your path because if everything is energetic and spiritual, it all has meaning that we must see through the eyes of spirituality instead of matter. It is all meant. It is all purposeful. Within everything there is a deeper meaning. With our spiritual eyes open, we can and will accomplish what we are destined to on this journey, but only if you can become less matter, and more energy. If everything is energetic and with meaning, there is no reason for fear, ever, as fear is what holds us back, what keeps us trapped in matter, what keeps us clinging to what we can sense with our five senses.

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