I know I have been incredibly inconsistent and distant on here.. Let me explain why. I was in the third trimester of pregnancy with my daughter and went into preterm labor at 32 weeks, I had already been on bed rest since the beginning of the third trimester, so you can imagine my stress. I spent two days in the hospital where doctors administered steroid shots and medications to quicken the developments of my baby’s lungs and stop contractions. I went home and continued to contract and feel stressed out and sick until the 20th when my beautiful baby girl was born. During that time I was very uninspired to write, but since her birth, I feel like a new person with new insights on life and how it works, so I will be writing and posting regularly again. By the way, my daughter was born perfectly healthy and happy, at almost 38 weeks gestation, and I give all the credit and thanks to powers greater than me, (God, The Universe, Love, or whatever else you wanna call it.)

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