I guess I just need to write poetry

I guess I just wanna write poetry
To let the words flow from me
Creating harmony
As art grows from me
Like the branches on a tree
Eloquently hanging free

I guess I just wanna write poetry
My tears are soaking me
As my feelings start flowing free
Like a deeply rooted tree
I usually sit here stoically

But I’m ready to write poetry
I’m not the old me
Or the new me
I’ve been in between
Watching new and old unfold
Intertwine and mold
Parallel, yet so contrary
A past that I can’t bury
And a future I can’t marry

I guess I don’t wanna write poetry
Because what died in me
Will become alive and free
And I’m afraid to see
Who I’ll really be
If I write poetry

I guess I need to write poetry
For the growth in me
And my sanity
I’ll dismember my body
Until my soul is free
And my spirit breathes
So I guess it’s time to write poetry

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