The Beauty in Accepting Difficult Emotion

There is a certain kind of power and peace that comes from the acceptance of pain. While going through a time with an incredible amount of emotional pain, whether it be a break up, the loss of a loved one, or any type of trauma or source of pain, if we just embrace it. If we sit in it. If we allow our thoughts to go there, allow our hearts to hurt deeply and almost unbearably. If we cry. If we scream. If we accept that whatever we are feeling is real and we don’t think about an end point or a way to change it or whether it is a good or bad feeling, the emotion becomes less daunting. This is the point when in the agony and pain, you are able to learn intimate details about life and yourself. In this you are able to truly feel what you are meant to feel, and in that, there is a sense of peace and comfort because you are being authentic with yourself, you are telling yourself that whatever you are feeling, without judgment, is okay. In this you are properly able to heal, because you are giving your mind and heart the proper time, attention, and validation it needs to process whatever experience or change you went through. Of course it is not always possible to do this every day, all day, for every emotion because of children and work and the need to still function in your day to day, but the more time you set aside to do this, the more complete your healing process will be, and instead of avoiding and creating unhealthy subconscious beliefs, emotions, and thought processes, you will fully heal, and maybe even grow in wisdom and strength from the experience.

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