We experience, and perceive, create beliefs, mentalities, fears, and our entire reality. We realize what we’ve created and our power to change it, so we begin the healing process while still holding on to certain fears because we are too afraid to let go. The thought of taking our guards down in certain areas is too much, it’s too scary, we freeze, we stop there and skip to another aspect of our healing. Just imagine the freedom of being unafraid. Imagine the freedom in trusting completely. Imagine the freedom in giving it all up and saying “fuck it, I’m gonna trust and let myself live.” We hold onto these things because we think if we let go then automatically we are in danger, but we are the danger, we endanger our own peace, joy, and love with armor we think we’re wearing to protect it. We think our shields are up to guard our hearts and our minds and our own sanity, but those very shields are preventing all the peace, love, and joy we are capable of having from ever entering. When we stop giving power to fear, we can have all our trust and faith in love. When we stop giving our power to fear, we are free.


  1. As God reminded me once- while I stood paralyzed in fear right smack in the middle of church as He told me “go over and place your hands on him.”

    I didn’t understand why He was asking me. There were elder brothers already up in the front praying over the young man whom I did not know. I had never walked up to someone and placed my hand on them especially with everyone watching.

    I told myself it wasn’t God speaking.
    God repeated the message. Another ten minutes went by. I feared what I didn’t know. Didn’t understand. I wouldn’t move , once again I told myself it was not God.

    Thirty minutes went by. Everyone was ready to go home. It is customary that service is not over until every person is done praying…

    “God reminded me: exactly where are you scared of falling? ”

    Your not on a mountain. Look around. Your in my house. Your six feet tall, are you scared of falling to the floor?

    He really has a way of placing things in CRYSTAL CLEAR PERSPECTIVE.

    I closed my eyes and said okay Lord, I will trust you. And began to walk forth. I walked right up behind the man who was still kneeling, and my left hand reached out and it was placed on his back and out of my mouth followed these words: I WILL TAKE IT.

    I didn’t try to do those actions. God moved my arm and my mouth. Whatever that young man was going through, whatever his burden was- all those elder men who were gathered around him praying and some chanting- NONE OF THEM WERE WILLING TO HELP HIM CARRY HIS BURDEN TO CALVARY.

    THEY ALL JUST WANTED TO PRAY for. But not sacrifice, and help PICK UP AND CARRY THE LOAD- because they feared the consequences of HIS BURDEN. THEY DIDN’T KNOW WHAT IT WAS..SO THEY FEARED. I didn’t know either. But I believed and trusted in God, that no matter what His burden was- GOD WAS GOING TO HELP HIM, in Jesus name, Amen.


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