Healing is Possible

The most important belief that I ever integrated into my perception was that I am capable of healing and wholeness. We live in a society of labels and categories. If you have a few symptoms, likely those symptoms can be diagnosed, doctors diagnose an issue, and then you are left with that name lingering in your mind. That name becomes part of your identity, it becomes a way that you describe yourself, it becomes something that in your head, limits you from all kinds of lifestyles and activities, and the more focus you give that name, the more it grows, strengthens, and grips onto your DNA. You become sicker, more debilitated, and less able to thrive. It is a domino affect that can lead to a lifetime of suffering, and it’s getting old.

During a stay on rock bottom, I decided that I couldn’t go on another day as I was. I went on a journey to find out what else was possible and how to get there. I had already gone down the route of western medicine with no success, it was time to head in another direction. That is when I discovered quantum physics and how that participates in healing, chakras, prayer, manifestation, energy healing, nutrition, the power of your own thoughts and perspective, illness starting in the mind and spirit and then manifesting in the body, the importance of gratitude and much much more. With these new discoveries I have been transforming as a person, and defying the principals of western medicine. This changed my entire outlook and reignited my hope in life.

With this, please do not allow your current circumstances or labels define you. Keep pushing the boundaries of your own health. Keep expanding your knowledge. Don’t lose hope. Make the decision to renew yourself. Make the decision to rise above. It can become comfortable to carry different labels that limit your existence, those labels become your identity, they become your excuse, they become your version of normal, they become accepted in your subconscious and perpetuated by it as well. We each have a version of ourselves that are operated at a higher capacity, and deeper depth, with more love, more peace, and more joy, that version of you exists in the quantum field already, and is simply waiting for you to choose it, and keep choosing it.

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