Self Compassion

Self compassion is the antidote to the inner critic, the ego, and feelings of not being good enough. It can be very difficult to cultivate self compassion, especially when you feel as though you don’t deserve it. Something that helps vastly is the realization that your thoughts and beliefs manifest, therefore, when you judge yourself harshly, you will manifest the emotions and beliefs of those judgments somehow in yourself. It becomes a vicious cycle, you judge yourself because you feel like you are inadequate in some way, and you become more of what you are judging yourself for. This strengthens the ego and distances you from love. It is not you who judges, it is your ego, it is who you “think” you are, it is the way your subconscious has formulated throughout your life. You deserve your own love and compassion just as much as everyone else does, there is not a single person on this earth that does not deserve those two basic human decencies. Remember, we are just consciousness that inhabit a body, we observe and create our reality, and who we are as people each and every day. As consciousness, we are all very much the same, our differences lie in how we interpret the world and ourselves, therefore, you do not have to be anyone you don’t want to be, and the only way to change, grow, and heal, is through love. With this, next time your mind starts to talk down on itself, remind yourself that you are only a consciousness, and there is no good or bad consciousness, you just are, and the only way to become closer to love, closer to your highest self, and full potential, is to accept that you just are and your love and compassion for yourself is not dependent upon the ego you have created or who you think you are.

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