The Power of Thought

Thoughts are like the seeds of our reality, the water to our emotions. We can have one thought, and that thought leads to another, and another, we decide to jump on a train in our minds, and whatever the energy of those thoughts may be, it will have an impact on your emotions and body. Let me give you an example. In the height of my PTSD, my boyfriend had just moved in, and every time I had to do something while he was home, such as go to the bathroom or take a shower, etc, I would ask for permission. Right before asking for permission, and right after I realized I had to go to the bathroom or whatever other task, I would have a thought pop up, something along the lines of “what if he gets mad?” This would incite fear, and then I would make sure I had permission before doing anything. One day I had the realization that he has never given me a reason to ask him for permission for basic daily tasks. This realization taught me a lot about myself. I was thinking, feeling, and then behaving as if I was being abused, and it was all starting with a thought. Thoughts are still something I struggle with at times, habitual thoughts, patterns in my mind that repeat in different situations or emotions, but I have also uncovered the power of thought and have been dedicated to taking control over my own thoughts. If my thoughts had the power to make me feel and believe I needed to submit to my abuser, whom didn’t exist anymore, then what beautiful things can be done with love based thoughts and beliefs? When fear based thoughts come to my mind now, I challenge them, I first make myself aware, then I ask myself whether that thought is coming from the past, future, or present, I then try to pull myself back to the present, sometimes, if that is especially difficult, I use my senses to do so, I take a hot shower and make myself observe and think about the water, the smells of the soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc. On especially strong days, I tell myself that maybe that kind of thought suited my past self, but I am no longer her so I am choosing to think differently, and I redirect myself. Training our minds is such am important and valuable thing. Observe throughout your day what kind of thoughts you have, also, observe how you feel after each thought or train of thoughts, it may be beneficial to you.

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