The Power Of Vulnerability

Vulnerability is a tremendous act of courage. When being vulnerable you invite others to see you just as you are, and that means they also have the choice to judge, criticize, ridicule or invalidate you. You open that door, you give them that ability, and that can leave us feeling naked and unsafe. Although when we present ourselves with facades and masks within relationships it can leave us feeling alone, isolated, misunderstood, and unloved. Here is why I believe vulnerability is a beautiful and needed aspect in relationships:

  • The aunthenticity of your relationships increases because you and your partner, friend, parent, etc know you for you and you know them for them
  • You invite unconditional love
  • By being vulnerable, you tell your subconscious that every aspect of you is accepted, that you are worthy of unconditional love and acceptance
  • There is a sense of peace that comes to your essence, because you are no longer hiding
  • You will teach and help others do the same
  • You open doors to truly connect with others, maybe to even find relateable feelings or thoughts, and in turn, to feel less alone and more unified
  • You let your subconscious know that it is okay to feel and express emotion
  • Your problems/thoughts/fears/emotions become less overwhelming when they are no longer ruminating secretively in your head all day
  • Your emotional connection to those closest to you will grow exponentially
  • You will show your loved ones that you are a safe person
  • You will develop more compassion with yourself and others

So then, how do we overcome the fear of negative outcomes of vulnerability?

-We enter into the arena without expectation of others, see people with compassionate eyes and hearts, even when they don’t do the same for you.
-Choose who to confide in wisely at first to ease into this new state of being
-Remember that the discomfort and fear will ease the more you courageously allow yourself to be seen
-Remind yourself of the benefits

Not everyone will respond well to vulnerability because maybe it challenges something within them, it may make them uncomfortable, and they may not know how to respond. This is their problem, not yours, try not to take it personal, as they are going through their own growth simply haven’t gotten there yet.

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