There is a certain word called faith, it is commonly associated with religion and a belief system. Sometimes it gets a negative connotation, but let me go a little deeper into the power and meaning of this word. Faith is about trust, hope, belief, and even peace. It is about giving up your own control, and handing it over to something greater than yourself. Faith is about believing in something without using your five senses. Faith is about believing in something that is not here yet, even when there is no proof it will come. Faith is having trust, while enduring an excruciating situation, that everything will be okay. Faith is facing difficult emotions and circumstances knowing that you are learning something that you couldn’t have learned any other way. Faith is trusting that everything is constantly shifting and connecting in your favor whether it feels that way or not, whether its through trial or blessings, pain or joy. Faith has the ability to transform you and your circumstances. What we believe is what we receive, so when we have faith in something, and we put our hearts in the right intent, we give up control, we give up fear, we will receive from our faith, it’s the law of the universe. Faith also has the ability to give us strength and resilience we didn’t ever know we had. Faith is a belief, it is a perspective, it is changing your lens and broadening your views to feel and trust the unknown. With that, we suddenly have the strength we need to persevere through the awfully painful aspects of life such as loss, break ups/divorce, poverty, prejudice, etc. Not only will we be able to endure with faith, but eventually prosper, because we will not stay stuck in the enormity, we will not try and push against anything, resist the inevitable, avoid emotions, live out of fear, control, we will let things flow as they should, and we can maintain hope, we can give up the labels of good and bad, we can stay present while knowing things will change for the better eventually. We will no longer be victims to our circumstances, but students. We can live free, we can have peace through suffering, and hope through misery.

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